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January 24, 2008 Print
"Google's ANDROID: Opening our mobile minds"
Our three panelists included: Steve Matteson , Director of Type Design for Ascender Corporation Joel Espelien , Chief Business Officer, General Counsel and Vice President, Strategy for PacketVideo Corporation; and Vinay Gokhale , Vice President Wireless of SiRF Technology, Inc.
This OHA Panel was moderated by the distinguished: James C. Roberts III, Esq , Founding Partner Praxis, LLP 
November 15, 2007 Print
"Brand Sponsored Mobile Content" & "How to Program Your Enterprise GPS to Direct you Around the Roadblocks Constructed by Tier 1 Carriers..."
Sanjay Pothen (PLiQ) presented the confluence of three key trends in Brand Sponsored Mobile Content: (1) Wireless carriers' attempts to differentiate themselves via the integration of content (e.g., video) into their offerings, (2) Hesitation on the part of Consumers to pay for mobile video today, and (3) Brands shifting their ad-spending online and increasingly looking to the mobile medium and mobile marketing to target customers leads to a massive business opportunity for disruptive young growth companies to introduce a paradigm-changing business model.
John Savageau's (CRG West) presenation was education, entertaining and highly informative in regards to the growth of carrier hotels and the evolution of the carrier marketplace. While the Dept of Justice has officially weighed in against net neutrality, industry is rapidly making their opinion irrelevant. Like a good IP packet, the industry is rapidly building avenues around the roadblocks constructed by Tier 1 carriers, ensuring survival of innovation and growth of young companies. Learn more about Carrier Hotels, Internet Exchange, and the death of Net Neutrality!
Sanjay Pothen's presentation: Brand Sponsored Mobile Content
John Savageau's presentation: Carrier Hotels & Net Neutrality
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September 20, 2007 Print
"Five Myths About Network Security" & "Got Security? Hear about the newest online risks + learn to protect your Enterprise / Identity"
David Newman (NetworkTest) revealed the Five Myths About Network Security: 1) Security Spending Is Aligned With Security Risks, 2) Microsoft Is the Biggest Threat to My Network, 3) Speed is Imperative in Incident Response, 4) Regular Password Changes Are Part of Good Security Hygiene, 5) Wireless LANs Are Less Secure Than Wired Networks.
Scott Mackelprang (Digital Insight) demonstrated Security risks & protecting your enterprise / identity. Security Topics covered were: *Phishing has evolved; what does phishing version 2.0 hold for us?  *What methodologies are being used by cyber fraudsters to move stolen money?  *What are the sources of ID theft today and what are the trends?  *Anti-forensics; what are they and what is their import in online crime prosecution?  *VoIP fraud and cross channel attacks – important new vectors!
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July 19, 2007 Print
"Engineering the Future" Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw and Pittman's Robert Metzger How should we re-engineer the regulation of telecommunications in the era of convergence? Why should we? This discussion is pertinent to all facets of the communications industry: Digital media, hardware vendors, software developers, device inventors, infrastructure owners, content masters, broadcasters, wireline and wireless carriers.
"How is Convergence helping Science and Medicine?" CSUCI's Philip Hampton, Ph.D. Dr. Phil will reveal how local Universities remotely leverage million-dollar, scientific instrumentation. We’ll put our virtual white coats on for this presentation and hypothesize about Molecular Structures first hand!
"ITIL v.3 News Flash!" Jade Communication Solutions's Greg Shoff Come hear how ITIL v.3 and the future of CMDBs are dealing with and simplifying the management of IT Infrastructure.
Phillip Hampton, Ph.D.'s presentation:
How is Convergence Helping Science and Medicine?
Greg Shoff's presentation: Improving Business Performance
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