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May 17, 2007 Print
"What do CBS, Microsoft, Blizzard & Sony have in Common? They've Cracked the Code to Transforming IT Services from Landmines to Goldmines!" & "Unified Communications - Practice vs. Theory: Software as a Service..."
Tony Greenberg (RampRate) revealed how to SAVE $Thousands to $Millions on IT Overspend! We learn how to eliminate Excessive IT Costs, Emotion-driven decisions, Stale Market Knowledge, Out-dated, Locked-in Strategic Commitments, Disproportionate Deal Timelines and more. Tony provided decision-making framework to clearly evaluate the long-term costs and savings of purchasing today’s emerging IT Services.
Steve Mantle (Microsoft) explained what communication services are available today and tomorrow for the enterprise and how businesses enable their employees with “unified communications” with or without in-house IT. Steve showed how all of this play into Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) story.
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January 25, 2007 Print
Net Neutralitypro vs. con

The Internet was founded by educators and scientists as a means for the "ready and equal access by all".   A small church has the same access to information as a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Recently, applications such as video on demand and Internet Telephony are using a greater portion of network bandwidth and it is argued that these providers and their subscribers should pay a greater share of the burden for enriching the hardware that makes these applications deliverable by the carriers.

PRO: Net Neutrality protects the common Internet user from being blocked or having to pay more to get access to certain content.  This is a clear attack by Carriers to take over the free Internet to make more money for themselves.

CON: The cost for bandwidth drives carriers to spend billions to add more lanes on the information superhighway with no end in sight.  Content providers and their customers who use this bandwidth should pay their fair share of the infrastructure costs to support these applications or we could find ourselves starved for bandwidth.

Brian Deagon
Technology Journalist / Reporter / Editor
Investor's Business Daily

. . . .
  PRO Debator #1
Anthony Greenberg
RampRate Sourcing Advisors
CON Debator #1
John Savageau
CRG West
  PRO Debator #2
Jim Sevier

CNVRG Advisory Group
CON Debator #2
Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam
Founder / Chairman / CEO
WebXchange, Inc
  PRO Debator #3
Ariel Coro
The Aptive Group
CON Debator #3
kyler Visconti
Seasoned Technology Expert
November 16, 2006 Print
"People Move. Networks Must Follow" - Keerti Melkote , Co-Founder of Aruba Networks, explained the differences between user-centric architectures required for the new era of mobile networking versus the prevailing port-based paradigm that was built for the fixed networking era. With the move towards user mobility, networks that support static fixed connections are a thing of the past. Mobile connectivity is going to fundamentally reshape the networks of tomorrow and how they will be built and managed.
"Defining Convergence for Improved Customer Service: Avaya’s Intelligent Communication Solutions" - Jim Sevier , Founder and President of CNVRG Advisory Group, demonstrated Unified Communications, Mobile Extensibility, SIP and SOA: How these technologies will impact the enterprise for Revenue Driving Customer Care Improvements? Jim presented first-hand how Avaya transforms these esoteric terms into viable customer solutions.
Jim Sevier's presentation: Delivering Convergence for Improved Customer Service: Avaya's Intelligent Communications Solutions

October 19, 2006 Print
"International Convergence and Communications" & "End-to-End Performance Analysis!"
Thinking of deploying your Global Network Internationally? Disney's John Hadi explained his real life view on the tips, philosophies, strategies, and lessons learned by Mogul Media World Leader in Entertainment in Asia.
+ Naresh Kannan , Business Strategy Director of Fluke Networks, shared insightful anecdotes of end-to-end convergence; the challenges of VoIP implementation and how to overcome them.
CONGRATULATIONS to Thomas Griffen, IV from Pepperdine University for winning the generously donated In Line Network Tester raffle prize from Fluke Networks. 
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