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September 21, 2006 Print
"An Industry Perspective on Convergence, Content" & "Distribution - Content: Here, There and Everywhere"
Verizon's Edward Casale talks about the industry perspective on Convergence, Content and Distribution.
+ Although it took a while for the promise of convergence to jump from drawing board concept into the consumers' hands, it's increasingly here now, bringing users media consumption closer to the nirvana of anything, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is vital to understand where executives in media organizations - the producers of content - are placing their bets for the next decade of growth. Accenture presents its 'Media Content Survey 2006,' which surveyed over 130 of the most influential content executives in leading media and entertainment companies worldwide. Accenture's David Wolf will explain where the powerful decision makers believe growth will come from - new channels, new content, or new markets.
David Wolf's Presentation: Accenture Media Content Survey 2006
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August 17, 2006 Print
"Fostering Alignment Between IT and Business" & "SOA: What’s Hype, What’s Real?"
Is the pace of change leaving your people behind? Tim Duval, CTO, discussed how HealthNet Fosters Alignment between it’s Business and IT Groups to rapidly move pertinent information and create business growth.
+ Hugh Taylor , author of Understanding Enterprise SOA and The Joy of SOX, presents the potential, realities, and challenges of this exciting new technological trend.
Tim Duval's Presentation: Business IT / Alignment
Hugh Taylor's Presentation: SOA - "What's Hype, What's Real?"
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July 20, 2006 Print
"A New World of Communications with Carrier Ethernet" & "The latest in Wi-Fi Deployment Architectures"
MarketWord's Mark Fishburn gave an overview of Carrier Ethernet and how it is different from Ethernet LANs. He explained the implementation needed and the cost saving you can expect.
+ John DiGiovanni from XIRRUS discussed the latest in Wi-Fi deployment architectures & how to get the most performance out of a Wi-Fi network.
Mark Fishburn's Presentation: A New World of Communications with Carrier Ethernet
John DiGiovanni's Presentation: Getting the Most from Wi-Fi
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June 15, 2006 Print
"The inside scoop on the converged desktop and advanced VoIP" - Nortel Networks's Bill Woods & Lee Reese .
While people often talk about what the future of converged technology will look like, Woods and Reese talked about what you can do now to get the most efficiency possible out of your desktop. One doesn’t need the latest color phone or what you see on “24” or in the movies, to be on top of convergence technology.                                                       
Woods and Reese displayed how it is possible for you to maximize your usage of the PC or laptop that you already have sitting right on your desk. But most importantly, Woods and Reese showed everyone ways in which they can be innovative, taking things that are very vital and important and putting them at the top of your agenda.
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