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May 18, 2006 Print
"Swiss Army Knife for your Entrepreneurial Tool Kit - (Part II)" by Basu Ghosh , Basu's HomeStyle Indian Cuisine & "ITIL + SLM Management" by Peggy Gerace-Roosa , Earthlink.
Basu Ghosh's Presentation: Entrepreneurial Journey - Part II
Peggy Gerace-Roosa's Presentation: ITIL & SLM - The Buried Treasure to Customer Satisfaction
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April 20, 2006 Print
"Convergence Technology in the Home" & "The Capability of Different Business Models in the Convergence Technology Market"
Make It Work's Eric David Greenspan says that Convergence Technology is not just about your PC and telephone. He explains the convergence of the PC with your Home Theater and Appliances.
+ Morley Winograd from USC's Marshal School of Business explains the viability of different business models surrounding what will or will not work in the convergence technology market.
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March 16, 2006 Print
"LAWA Security convergence" & "Insightful Introduction to IMS/SIP Technology"
Louis Hook presented LAWA Security convergence; present and future.
+ Myron Gregorek wowed the audience with his indepth introduction to IMS/SIP technology.
Myron Gregorek's Presentation: Next Generations Networks: IMS Framework
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February 16, 2006 Print
"Lessons on Successful Entrepreneurialism" & "Multiparty Video Conferencing"
Starting Your Own Company? Basu Ghosh , CEO of Omnikron Systems, shares a personal and insightful message: "Lessons Learned along the Entrepreneurial Journey to Success'
+ Going Beyond Conferencing with Multiparty Video: Have you looked into Webex and other Web Conferencing tools? Concerned about Price, Performance, Installation Time and True ROI? Witness Our LIVE DEMONSTRATION by WiredRed's Tom Toperczer and Learn how to use Web Conferencing for Remote Training, Remote Technical Support, Real-time Collaboration. SAVE Valuable Time and Money with On-Line, Scheduled and Ad-hoc meetings.
Basu Ghosh's Presentation: Entrepreneurial Journey (Part 1)
Tom Toperczer's Presentation: Going Beyond Web Conferencing with Multiparty Video
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