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Thursday, July 23, 2009 CTC Meeting




Check out our unprecedented panel discuss how the FUSION of SEO, Social Media, Sponsorship

and On-line Advertising will affect your Business.

Listen & Learn from our Experts:

David Karnstedt CEO for Efficient Frontier
{SEO, B2B}

Kelly Perdew CEO of Rotohog
{Sponsorships, Social Media, B2B Platform}

Brian McCarthy VP of Product & Marketing for Citysearch {SEO, Social Media, B2B, B2C}

Mark Gibbs Network World columnist, strategy consultant, author, and entrepreneur {Moderator}

April 23, 2009 Print

"Doing More with Less by Taking
Advantage of Disruptive Innovation"

On Thursday, April 23rd CTC had a lively panel featuring executives from Nike Inc., Sony and CGI who shared how they're making smart and innovative decisions during this tough economic cycle.

First-hand case studies from the experts:

ForensicArt King showed how Nike Inc. is transforming its infrastructure to becoming an "Everywhere" Common Global Platform. Also, how this approach allows Nike to (1) Divest internal systems, (2) Reduce IT

operations friction & expense, and (3) Simplify life for their global users and business partners.



"Good Enough"




ForensicDavid Buckholtz discussed Sony's Green IT Plans and reviewed several ideas to Power Up Your Green IT Agenda.



"The Greening of IT"




ForensicPeter Stubbs revealed how CGI's Energy Management Solution helps identify, measure and secure hard-dollar savings on energy costs. [This tool is already in use globally but is just now released in North America]



"Energy Analysis"





ForensicRobert Metzger, our esteemed moderator, is Partner at Partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP. Bob is a former CTC Celebrity Speaker and we're delighted to have his wit and talent for this event!


January 22, 2009 Print


ForensicLee Curtis, CFE of Precision Discovery

"Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery:

 What You Don't Know Can Hurt You"

--Tales from a White Collar Crime Investigator--
Electronic evidence is a business' most valuable asset. More than ever, developing an effective electronic discovery plan is a critical component of a successful litigation management and/or risk mitigation strategy. See how recent advancements in technology enable companies to significantly shrink their litigation spend and reduce serious internal and external threats.

On January 22nd, we'll cover:
 •  The role of the IT Director and High-tech Investigator/
     Computer Forensic Specialist
 •  Understand Types of data and where it resides
 •  How to cut eDiscovery and attorney costs through use of
     forensics and innovative technology
 •  How to avoid sanctions and malpractice suits in light of the
     changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
 •  The strategic use of eDiscovery by plaintiff and defendant

CloudBert Armijo of 3tera

"Cloud Computing:

The Businesses Impact of Cloud Computing"

Cloud computing is redefining IT operations by eliminating routine infrastructure deployment, configuration and maintenance. Once only a dream, today dynamic provisioning, paying for usage, and automatic recovery from hardware failures are changing the corporate data center and how IT is done.

Cloud computing is an enabler for new projects. Getting applications to market faster, and with lower capital expense, creates new opportunities. At the same time, cloud computing assures that as demand increases and businesses grow, resources can be added on-demand.

The presentation will give you all the basics you need to know about what cloud computing is, what it means for your business and why you should consider using it.

November 20, 2008 Print

Members' Spotlight: 5 Winning Presentations
November 20th – You don't want to miss this!


Kihong Bae - Musicshake


With the emergence of Web 2.0, we have seen a

slew of innovative user generated content services

such as YouTube, Slide.com, Digg and DIY widget makers become an indispensible part of our daily lives. What’s next? Musicshake takes on the daunting task of a user generated music service and provides an insight of what the next revolution in user generated contents will be like.


Charles Beck - Tredent Data Systems, Inc.


• Speed up slow applications, some up to 100x

• Key component for consolidation of Servers & Storage

• Faster data replication from your DR site

• Reduced or Deferred Bandwidth Expenditures

• Increased End User and IT Staff Productivity


Jeff Birnbaum - eG Innovations


"Virtualization 2.0 is all About Manageability:

eG Enterprise - A Virtualization 2.0 - Ready Monitoring Solution." We will discuss the key challenges that virtualization administrators and architects face in Virtualization 2.0, and define the core functionality that any Virtualization 2.0 monitoring and management solution must possess. We will highlight how the eG Enterprise Suite from eG Innovations has been designed to address these 'Virtualization 2.0 Ready' monitoring requirements.


Ron Hughes - California Data Ctr Design Grp


CDCDG designs energy efficient, sustainable data centers. We'll talk about the latest in design concepts for your new data center and ways to save money on energy bills at your existing data centers.  We just completed a project for SCIF data center in Vacaville that was LEED silver certified & the owner just received a million dollar plus rebate check from PG&E. 


V. (Sundar) Sundareswaran - Teledyne Scientific


Self-Driving (AKA autonomous) Vehicles! This is the next logical step beyond having a GPS receiver in your car. I will discuss the numerous technology challenges in Artificial Intelligence that will take many years to solve. As they did for GPS, the military is footing the bill for now and we can expect to reap the benefits as consumers when the technology is ready. During the past few years, the department of defense has sponsored a series of events to push the development of autonomous vehicles. In this presentation, I would like to share with you the challenges, the excitement, and the results of these endeavors.

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