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September 18, 2008 Print

Do you know what Entertainment, Media, Scientific and Communications communities are doing to deliver Faster Speed, Better Performance and Higher Quality

Do you know how to benefit from these ground-breaking investments & strategies?

Learn about Internet-based Video Delivery - Specifically, gaining behind-the-scene perspectives of what the Media and Entertainment industries have learned about digital content distribution.  With so many players and pieces in the value chain, you need to sit with the experts so you can benefit from lessons learned and maximize new, enterprising technologies!



Jim Ramo

Jim Ramo

Former CEO



Peter Clemente

VP of Product Management

Fast Soft

Target Audience: Entertainment, Media, Technology and Business Professionals.  At the CTC, the members and attendees are just as entertaining and brilliant as the speakers! 

July 17, 2008 Print

ImageWEB TV - Discussion Panel

Don't miss our July 17th Meeting – We have an amazing panel of Web TV Executives...    

IPTV - Where is this train headed & how do we get on board?

Come interview the panel first hand – with your help, we'll analyze the Technology, Trends, Value Chain and Delivery Eco Systems for Web TV.  Cutting edge info for Companies, Consumers, Technologists and Entrepreneurs – It all happens at the CTC!

Panelist #1

David Prager

Chief Operating Officer


Panelist #2

Peter Clemente

Chief Corporate Development Officer


Panelist #3

James C. Roberts III, Esq

Chief Scientist

Veoh Networks


Joel Espelien


Global Capital Law Group PC

May 15, 2008 Print

Hot Web 2.0

Who says there's a recession? Take a break from all the bad news and come get recharged by Cutting Edge, Optimistic, Good News!

 "Witness first-hand, Sizzling Breakthroughs in Gaming & Emerging Trends for Building Affiliation Networks" from Craig Allen, Spark Unlimited & Marc Sternberg, AlwaysOn Network, speaks about "TV undergoing the most drastic reinvention of itself in 50 years... How can IT Leaders and Business Entrepreneurs Cash in on this phenomenon?"
Craig Allen's Presentation: The History of Gaming  
March 20, 2008 Print
"A Look at the History of Social Networks" & "Social Networks and the Entrepreneurial Reality" Mark Jeffrey discussed social networks to date and where they are headed: social search and bookmarking, niche social networks, and social app platforms. Jason Feffer gave his case study on MySpace and SodaHead emphasizing Social Networking, Advertising & Startup Growth. 
Mark Jeffrey's presentation: A Short History of Social Networking
Jason Feffer's presentation: SodaHead: Monetizing Social Networks
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