"CTC is a great place to learn about the changes roiling the Networked Digital Industry from technological convergence. But it's an even better place to meet people who are mastering this new world and can help you succeed in it. No better place to meet, eat and learn except at USC."

-Morley Winograd
USC's Marshall School of Business

CTC Speakers

What is the CTC? Print

The Convergence Technology Council (CTC) is a thriving Technology Consortium founded in 2005.  To date, we have over 24,000 members and growing!

The CTC is dedicated to learning how emerging and converging technologies affect both our corporate and personal enterprises.  We meet with technology thought leaders and business executives from vital, growing industries including Unified Communications, Entertainment, On-Line Media, Digital Distribution, Gaming, Social Networking, Medicine, Science, Energy - and many more.

We are positioned perfectly – right at the forefront of Convergence.  At the CTC, we have the distinct advantage of engaging leaders and discussing topics that are 6 to 24 months ahead of the market!  Our speakers rely on the CTC members for objective feedback as they bring their ideas, products and projects to the group for open discussion and analysis.

At the CTC you can play a role in the changing face of business.  As advances in broadband and wireless networks continue to feed people’s “addiction to data”, combined with the proliferation of portable devices, we see no signs of stopping.  So jump in – Converge with us at the Convergence Technology Council!

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