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MESSAGING: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Marc Ladin
VP of Global Marketing & Chief Corporate Strategist
Mark Gibbs
Strategy consultant, technologist
, journalist, author, entrepreneur.

Ask most executives what they think of Twitter and you'll usually get one of two answers: These will be either "What?" or "Why do I want to know what you're having for lunch" and both show that these people not only don't get it yet, but they are late to the game.

What they are missing is that Twitter is much more than just a pop culture phenomenon, Twitter defines the bleeding edge of social networking, journalism, PR, and marketing. If you doubt this consider that Dell made over $1 million last Christmas using Twitter to distribute coupons to stimulate sales.

In this presentation, journalist and consultant, Mark Gibbs will start from first principles ("I tweet therefore I am") and explain what Twitter is, how it works, what it means to you, and explain his Sentimeter project, a tool for tracking sentiment on social networks.

At the end of this presentation, if you started out as one of the aforementioned executives, you will get it and, if you're smart, it should be "game on."


Fires, floods and earthquakes, oh my! Between Twitter’s tweets and Facebook’s pokes, how do private and public entities cut through the noise when they need to communicate critical information to ensure the safety of employees, the community, students, and other constituents?

Marc Ladin, Vice President of Global Marketing at emergency notification provider Everbridge, will examine the importance of effective communication before, during and after emergencies and critical incidents and will also address how to break through the communication clutter when you absolutely, positively need to be heard.

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