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David Prager
Chief Operating Officer



David Prager serves as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Programming for Revision3, the leader in exclusive Internet television. As such, David handles day-to-day operations, business opportunities, and research and development for new programming.  He also oversees production schedules and logistical coordination for the current show line-up, including Diggnation, Systm, Tekzilla, PopSiren, Internet Superstar, and Scam School.  An industry veteran in the emerging medium of Internet video-on-demand programming, David has been involved in building and executing a working business model for Revision3 since the company's inception in 2005.

A seasoned veteran of television production, David has a numerous amount of live daily production, documentary and field productions under his belt.  From 1999 until joining Revision3, Prager was a television producer and technology writer at such reputable outlets as ZDTV, TechTV and G4 Media.

After becoming SysOp of his own computer BBS in 1989, Prager served as a network administrator for the software company Bowne Litigation Solutions.

Prager received his degrees in Communications and Media Studies from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas


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