"I had heard many good things about CTC and had been on your email list for a couple years. I finally decided to check out your meeting for the first time in May. I was impressed from the beginning: the driveway, the ValleyCrest lobby, Koi pond and beautiful indoor folliage.
I was greeted by many smiling faces and served a great meal. I unexpectedly met up with some old colleagues, making me feel very comfortable, and making for some great networking, as they introduced me to other members.
The meeting/presentation itself was very informative with dynamic speakers. Overall I was very impressed with the diversity of the members, the caliber of the presenters, and the professionalism of the CTC organization."

-Mike Yaffe
PCC Network Solutions

CTC Speakers

Customer Service, Get Satisfaction Print

Last week here in the Network World Web Applications Alert newsletter I discussed some key issues that drive successful customer service and mentioned Get Satisfaction , a Web application that provides an outsourced customer service platform.

Get Satisfaction provides a forum-based service infrastructure for companies or products that is really easy to create and manage; in fact, much easier than almost anything you could do as an in-house project.


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